Mould Inspections

There are many homes across the province that have hidden water leaks that are promoting mould growth. This can expose occupants to mould spores which have a potential to cause health problems like allergies, irritation (to lungs, eyes, skin, throat, nose) and are potentially toxic. Inhaling and touching mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals and normally healthy individuals may become sensitive to mold after exposure.

Thousands of Canadians suffer from upper respiratory conditions and mould is one of the major triggers for upper respiratory ailments and conditions.

Additionally, mould damages as it grows and the longer it grows the more damage it can cause. Testing your home on a regular basis is a prudent way to prevent small problems from growing into costly and unhealthy situations.

Using the latest technology, we offer an array of testing services for visible mould and air sampling for mould spores. The cost of an inspection is dependent on your requirements and lab service requirements. A quotation, which fits your needs,  will be supplied to provide accurate and dependable results.

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