Previous Client Comments

Pat was terribly friendly, thorough and personable. He was accepting of any and all questions that we had and took the time to answer them all. His customer service skills are A++ and seems to take pride in doing a great job. ~ Valarie V

I appreciated Pat’s knowledge and the explanation regarding the concerns on the unit he provided while presenting the report. He physically showed us the areas of concern and spoke to us about why they were a concern. He also described the consequences of not taking action on some of the areas of concern. I felt confident in the report he provided and I will be acting on the flags he has mentioned in the report. I liked your professionalism and I thought that the inspection is of good value to homeowners. Pat is a knowledgeable inspector and we found him to be very nice to work with. Thank you Pat! ~ Rahul S

Pat was a professional of the highest order. His attention to detail, comprehensive understanding of all aspects of a property, Technical expertise and clear communication are highly appreciated. Never ever had such clean and clear home inspection of my other properties. Pat’s post inspection summary was very informative and I could set priority repairs and corrections. It was not just customer satisfaction but it was customer delight that Pat has rendered. I can’t suggest any change, this has been the best. ~ Suresh K

Pat was willing to share information and tips good homeowner practices. I found this very valuable. ~ Gratiano G

Very thoroughly inspected the house and went over everything as he inspected and at the end of the inspection. Answered questions we had all threw the process as well. Great job pat! Thank you!  ~ Chris H

I liked the way inspector let me follow him around and how he explained everything in detail, what needed to be done about it and what would be ideal professional to do it. That helped a lot in understanding the issues and how to resolve them. Pat is a great guy. He was punctual, thorough, knowledgeable and well versed. Keep up the good work. I am very happy with the service and the detailed report. I will definitely refer Patrick to others. ~ Mian A

​Pat was so thorough and detail-oriented. He took the time needed to inspect the home and provided a clear, full report. Having bought and sold many homes across the country and in the U.S., I’ve never witnessed such a thorough home inspection as that performed by Pat Auriol. I’ve now witnessed two of Pat’s home inspections — mine and my daughters — and saw firsthand how focused, detail-oriented and knowledgeable he is in his work. Pat takes all the time needed to fully inspect the home. His inspection report is detailed, clear and concise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pat to anyone who is buying a home. ~ SW

Efficient and thorough. Pictures were clear and highlighted the issues. Report was ready within an hour of inspection completion ~ D.C.

I liked the fact that he looks at every aspects of the home. ~ Emmanuel T

I really liked his attention to detail and the detailed explanation of everything. Thank you so much for the excellent service received! ~ Lurii L

Punctual, convivial, great communication ~ Charly T

Pat did a great job and I would highly recommend his services. He showed up on time, carefully explained the process then proceeded to work nonstop for hours. He went over all the findings, showed me the areas in question and later sent me a detailed report that I found very informative and useful. I later had an estimate from an attic insulation company and after showing the representative Pat’s report he told me that the inspection report from Pat was one of the best he had ever seen. It was detailed and thorough and he was impressed with the professionalism shown. ~ Linda C

Mr. Pat was very sincere and honest and had a lot of knowledge, a hard-working individual ~ John B.

The communication with the inspector was great, very friendly and open to any discussion, making sure that I understand all aspects and facts of the inspection. Very professional, punctual and organized. ~ Charly T.

The Inspector was knowledgeable and efficient.  He communicated well and make the process very easy for Lay-people to understand. ~ R. Arnett

Pat was extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk with and explained everything thoroughly.- L. Meade

Dedication to customer satisfaction and service is outstanding. – D. Taylor

Pat was excellent!!! He was very detailed and explained all aspects of the house to us. Thank you Pat for all of the time you spent with us explaining and answering our many questions. You were a great help!!! You helped ease our concerns and made the experience of buying our first home more enjoyable!!! – – L. Roksa

Patrick was extremely diligent and professional. – D. Miller

Patrick was very thorough and explained what needed special care in repairing or looking after in an easy way to understand.  The Report Book is also a good reference tool for us to rely and read upon now and in the future. Patrick covered every area from top to bottom of the house and was very knowledgeable in all aspect of the home inspection. He took the time that was needed to inspect the entire house. – G. Clement

Patrick was amazing! We are first time homeowners and he didn’t make us feel like we didn’t know anything. He guided us through things that we wouldn’t have seen on our own and was super helpful with tips. He made the day very relaxed and less terrifying, while maintaining his professionalism. The inspection book that we were given is a helpful tool that we have already gone through several times. – Laura Rutledge

The inspector was very detailed. – Kimone

Services offered in French. Very knowledgeable, taking the necessary time to do a good job and communicating the results to client. – Richard Gauthier

I liked the friendly and pressure free advice and the step by step nature on the report. – David Lee

Pat Auriol has made so many of my clients happy with his exceptional services, that I can’t begin to thank him. With Pat’s great work ethic combined with a great personality, he makes my clients home inspection experience one to remember. Pat doesn’t leave a corner unnoticed and goes above and beyond my clients expectations. Pat will take that extra hour to ensure my clients know exactly what they are buying and this is one of the reasons I will recommend Pat Auriol to every one of my clients. Thanks Pat for all your great work. – John-Paul Pereira

I recently engaged the services of Mr. Patrick Auriol and to say I was blown away would be an absolute understatement. Patrick was thorough, diligent, professional, honest and light-hearted throughout the entire process and it made for a simply stellar experience. Both myself and my client learned a great deal about the property, both the things that were properly functioning and the areas that needed attention. Pat is extremely knowledgeable and I will definitely be using his wonderful services again. Thank you immensely for your time effort and for a job superbly done! – Randolph Jones

Patrick was detailed & informative throughout the whole home inspection. – Carlton Dixon

Patrick was really helpful explaining everything to myself a first time home buyer. – Caitlin Holdbrook

Pat was humorous, yet professional and knowledgeable. He described thoroughly what should be done in what situation. We are totally satisfied and comfortable to move in to our new home. – Tanveer Talukder

I felt the inspector did a very thorough inspection, and answered all my questions with detailed explanations. I am also happy to have the home inspection book with the report. It will be very helpful in understanding and planning future projects around the house. The diagrams are very helpful. – Marion Stuck

Where to start here…Pat really went the extra mile…He didn’t just inspect every single point of my new home but also he explained to me everything he was doing. – Nader Shenoda

Pat was very thorough and took his time, which made me feel confident that if there were any concerns, they would be found. He took his time to explain things to me, not only concerns, but also how to upkeep the house and make it safer for my family. Thank-You – Lisa McQuistan

I really enjoyed learning more about my new house. Patrick is really detailed and conscientious. Patrick was so helpful, I understand the actual condition of my house, understand the future steps I need to take in order to keep it in good shape. It was a very agreeable experience! – Marie Claude Dufort

I would definitely recommend Patrick without question. Not only did Patrick come back from vacation to do a free inspection for me (home inspection was won at a golf tournament), he spent a lot of time doing it thoroughly and professionally. I was very impressed with Patrick’s knowledge ~ he showed me problems that existed and pointed out potential areas of concern and made recommendations for addressing the issues so that they could be avoided. Customer service was top notch and the manual he left me will be helpful with house maintenance going forward. – Joni Poplawski